In my research and teaching (teaching in which I have always attempted to present my research results) I have been focussing on the following objectives and directions:

  1. A detailed, precise, corpus-based structural account, synchronic and diachronic, of central issues and subsystems in  the languages I have studied; I have also dealt with the in terface of linguistics, philology and ecdotics.
  2. Aiming at the understanding of specific constructions and patterns in given languages and comparatively between them, and at the subsequent establishment of a typological profile and general appreciation of the studied phenomena and features. So, for instance:
    • nexus conversion (1995a, 1995b, 1989a, 1998a, …);
    • the Nominal Sentence (noun predication patterns: 1984a, 1987, 1998a ,1999b);
    • the Cleft Sentence (1978a, 1978c, 1986a, 1998, 1998a, …).
  3. The contribution of general linguistic issues towards insights in basic areas of linguistic categorization. For instance:
    • the adverb (1986a);
    • the Proper Name (1989a, …);
    • nominal and verbal specificity (1998a, …);
    • possession in general and inalienable possession in particular (1995a, 1994, 1998a, …);
    • narrative and dialogue grammar (1989d, 1997, …);
    • the grammar of question and response (1981, 1995a, …);
    • performatives (1995a, …);
    • text linguistics and discourse analysis (passim, esp. 1981b, 1997, 1998a, 1998b, …);
    • the adnexal /ad-rhematic status of clauses and phrases (1972, 1986, 1998a);
    • “mise en relief” (1986a, 1998a, …);
    • juncture features - linkage and delimitation (1998a, …);
    • the structural model and linguistic analysis (1986a, 1987,  1998a);
    • the part-of-speech and other aprioristic logico-semantic models (1986a, 1998a, etc.);
    • the diachronic perspective (1973, 1974, 1981a, 1989c, 2000, …);
    • questions of terminology and conceptualization in grammatical analysis (passim);
    • methods in dead-language research and teaching (1988 and passim);
    • the non-geographical Sprachbund (1995a, 1998a, …).