Research interests

  • Celtic grammar, especially syntax
  • Modern and Middle Welsh
  • Modern Irish
  • Egyptian and Coptic grammar
  • Coptic-Greek contrastive grammar
  • Typological-comparative grammar
  • Text linguistics
  • Modern Welsh Narrative Grammar: the main features of Kate Roberts' narrative syntax

Research projects

  • Shenoute's Rhetorical Syntax
    4-year project, financed by the Israel Science Foundation. 
  • Elements of Bohairic-Coptic syntax
    This project examines the main syntactical phenomena of the Bohairic dialect of Coptic, on the basis of the unpublished manuscripts of the Pentateuch (Paris copte 1, Vat. copto 1).
  • Syntactic patterns in Middle Welsh narrative
    This is a structural account of (a) nominal/pronominal predication; (b) “emphasis” (cleft sentence, augens); (c) the dialogue/narrative tense system in the Mabinogi.
  • Modern literary Welsh syntax
    A study is made of the main features of Modern Welsh syntax, on the basis of the fictional works of Kate Roberts.