What’s in a Name? On Coptic {ⲡⲁ-} ‘{he} of-’


Shisha-Halevy, A., 1985. What’s in a Name? On Coptic {ⲡⲁ-} ‘{he} of-’. Enchoria , 13 , pp. 97–102.


In a terminological note with the title, “The Possessive Relation Marker in Coptic” (Enchoria 12:191–193, 1984), P. Swiggers criticizes and corrects the conventional designation “possessive article” or “possessive prefix” for ⲡⲁ-/ⲧⲁ-/ⲛⲁ- “he/she/they of-” and, much less explicitly, {ⲡⲉϥ-} “his”. Following several arguments meant to establish that these morpheme set(s) are “neither an article, nor a prefix”, Dr. Swiggers offers to replace the current terms with a new one, namely “possessive relation-marker”, presumably for both {ⲡⲁ-} and {ⲡⲉϥ-}.

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